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Administrative Assistant

Reliant Central is hiring an organized and highly skilled remote Administrative Assistant to help with support for multiple distributed Directors within the Central team. This full-time role will be responsible for a broad range of administrative and generalist duties to assist in the day-to-day work of several Central directors. This role will assist in communications, reporting, regular scheduling, tracking and reporting data, and special projects as needed. It will also help the Office Coordinator in administrative duties pertaining to general Central Office responsibilities - organizing and scheduling events, applicant interviews and onboarding, answering calls on Reliant phone lines, etc.

The ideal candidate would be a Christian who is detailed-oriented and able to understand the big picture, is skilled at working with many projects and processes, and can effectively manage their time, calendar, and many tasks in a process-driven environment. It is important to note that Reliant Central functions within a matrix model, and collaboration is a core element of our organization's success and growth. We believe Reliant is stronger and more able to grow when we run & operate with excellence throughout our operations. In light of this, we function with repeatable, scalable, and transferable processes. We focus on maintaining a culture of innovation and solution-oriented thinking to serve each other internally and our partners, missionaries, and donors.

You can read more of the job description here.

If you think you would be a great fit for the position listed here and for our team + culture, carve out 20 minutes to complete this application and submit it, along with a cover letter that outlines your personal faith journey. You will also need to email your resume separately to Since we are a Christian organization, we can give hiring preference per the religious organizations' section of Title VII, which we do.