Gospel Centered Non-profits
In response to government recommendations, our Reliant Central team is working remotely until further notice. We are expecting minimal disruptions for our missionaries, donors and partners, but appreciate your extra patience during this time. Our prayers are with those affected.

Gospel-Centered Nonprofits

Reliant's historic focus has been enabling local churches to mobilize mission-oriented staff. Yet we've found that some nonprofits who are doing similar work—focused on the work of evangelism, discipleship, and building the kingdom of God. For those we need to launch support-based staff in their context, Reliant is ready to partner.

Our non-profit partners:

  • Have an explicitly Christian mission
  • Value the local church as we do
  • Have mission staff who need a team of financial partners to enable their ministry

Under our missionary support model, fundraising for the general purposes of the nonprofit is separate from the mission fund that sustains the work of each missionary.

Featured ministry: Box 7 Ministries

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