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Who is Reliant?

We were born in 1989 as a mission support agency for a small group of campus church planters. A lot's changed since then! (Less stonewashed jeans, for one).

Today we mobilize church planters and missionaries across like-minded missional groups and church-planting networks. As we've expanded our partnerships, we've adopted a new name. Yet our devotion to Jesus' command to "Go and make disciples..." remains. It's who we are.

 Central Team

  • John Abassian

    John Abassian

    Software Engineer
  • Keva Ambre

    Keva Ambre

    Missionary Coach
  • Kelly Bapka

    Kelly Bapka

    HR Office Administrator
  • Tonya Bartels

    Tonya Bartels

    Employment and Benefits Administrator
  • Agustina Cahill

    Agustina Cahill

    Administrative Coordinator and International Liaison
  • Tatiana Cortes

    Tatiana Cortes

    Gift Services Administrator
  • Beth Courtney

    Beth Courtney

    Staff Accountant
  • Grace Crosby

    Grace Crosby

    New Partnerships and Recruitment Coordinator
  • Matt Elkins

    Matt Elkins

    Program Director
  • Bill Erskine

    Bill Erskine

    Network Administrator
  • Carly Erskine

    Carly Erskine

    Residencies Coordinator and Liaison
  • Dani Feffer

    Dani Feffer

    Communications Administrator
  • Aubrey Jenkins

    Aubrey Jenkins

    Operations Coordinator
  • Deborah Kennedy

    Deborah Kennedy

    Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
  • Will Lafferty

    Will Lafferty

    Software Engineer
  • Monique Maharaj

    Monique Maharaj

    Reimbursement Assistant
  • Judi Major

    Judi Major

    Donor Liaison
  • Danielle Martin

    Danielle Martin

    Staff Accountant
  • Matt Mott

    Matt Mott

    US/International MTD Coaching and Assessment
  • Erin Radomsky

    Erin Radomsky

    Reimbursement Coordinator
  • Nalizka Rivera

    Nalizka Rivera

    Gift Services Assistant
  • Bethany Russell

    Bethany Russell

    International Liaison
  • Jenni Saniuk

    Jenni Saniuk

    Fixed Term Program Administrator
  • Sarah Schulteis

    Sarah Schulteis

    Jr. Software Engineer
  • Courtney South

    Courtney South

    Applicant Coordinator
  • Sarah Swann

    Sarah Swann

    Assistant to the Executive Director/Special Events Coordinator
  • Diane Wallace

    Diane Wallace

    Payroll Coordinator
  • Hannah Walti

    Hannah Walti

    Applicant and Training Coordinator
  • Janine Warner

    Janine Warner

    Gift Services Assistant
  • Ben Wilkinson

    Ben Wilkinson

    Software Engineer
  • Kathy Zellinger

    Kathy Zellinger

    Missionary Liaison