Church Plants

Church Plants

Both for church planting pastors and church plant team members, Reliant partners with those who will raise financial support so they can reach new communities with the Gospel.

Our missionary-support approach is focused on creating sustainability and availability for those who lead. We encourage planters to separate the financial goals of funds that will go to church plant operational costs (meeting facility, setup costs) from the funding that will sustain the leaders themselves.

Some church planters who anticipate a self-sustaining church body will raise a team of financial partners for a targeted amount of time. However, many Reliant leaders are launching churches where a local tithe is never likely to be fully-self sustaining, making the ongoing support of financial partners crucial. In this case Reliant becomes a long term partner enabling church plants in areas that otherwise would not be reached.

For those church planters who are gifted apostolically to move on and start several new churches, the Reliant partnership can be ideal, transferring from new ministry project to new ministry project.

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