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Quick Facts

  • In 2015, Reliant received $23,093,049 in donor contributions.
  • In 2015, Reliant trained 109 new missionaries.
  • Reliant works primarily with missionaries and church planters working in the United States (in 28 states), however as of Dec 2015, Reliant missionaries were also based in 16 countries.
  • All Reliant missionaries work for a local church or ministry partner who has oversight of theological and ministry methods. As of December 2015, Reliant works with 139 local church or ministry partners.
  • Reliant is an accredited evangelical Christian mission agency under an independent board of directors that works across multiple denominations and networks. Our articles of incorporation are filed in the state of Ohio and our headquarters and executive team are located in Orlando, FL.

We recommend our Annual Ministry Reports for additional statistics, and the Reliant News section of our blog for recent organizational updates.

Logo and Brand

The Reliant logo depicts "I Am Reliant," a statement about our dependence on God as we live for his mission.

Reliant Logo


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