Build Your Team

Sharing the vision is your mission.

Most church planters or missionaries need a period of 4-12 months to raise the full salary. During the initial fundraising phase, missionaries devote their full attention to raising up the team of financial partners until they've reached a 100% funding level.

This phase is designed for your success. One of the most common causes of long-term failure is trying to raise funds "on the side" as you continue ministry work and even another job. This can cause a distraction where you never achieve the support you need to be sustainable in ministry.

We make sure you're not alone.

Our studies confirm that a key to success in MTD is a regular—typically weekly—connection with an MTD Coach. MTD coaches are current or former Reliant staff who have completed MTD training themselves. Coaches support, challenge, and encourage in Christian character, true theological thinking, and MTD skills and strategy.

While the most important part of coaching is the regular contact and spiritual support, Reliant also has twenty-five years of experience in missionary fundraising data that can help us pinpoint success and trouble points. We provide your local coach access to our custom-built Coachnet website for tracking your progress and access to expert advice for complex situations.

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