Who is Reliant?

We were born in 1989 as a mission support agency for a small group of campus church planters. A lot's changed since then! (Less stonewashed jeans, for one).

Today we mobilize church planters and missionaries across like-minded missional groups and church-planting networks. As we've expanded our partnerships, we've adopted a new name. Yet our devotion to Jesus' command to "Go and make disciples..." remains. It's who we are.


Joshua Dull

Joshua Dull

Program Manager for Residents and Interns

Local Church Home:Azalea Park Community

Joined Reliant Office in: Joined Reliant in 2002, joined the Central Team in 2009

I love Reliant because... We embrace being a lesser seen part of the body of Christ. We get to come under the mission of local churches and facilitate their staff/missional growth. It is an awesome privledge and really exciting.

A favorite scripture of mine is:Spoken by John the Baptist of Jesus: "He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less." John 3:30 (NLT)

Right this minute I'm probably... ...drumming on a desk, tapping my foot, or some other fidgety, rhythmic exercise.

Beatles or Stones?Have you heard Eleanor Rigby? Beatles all the way.

I am responsible for...

First, and foremost, I am responsible under God for my family. My wife, Heather, and two girls are my first ministry. Within Reliant, I lead a team of men and women who focus all of our energy on serving churches that host Residency or Internship programs. We get to assess, train, coach, hire, and serve those people that the church has invited in to serve.

I lead today because…

I have been in Christ-centered ministry for 25 years. That journey has taken me from leading a small group to caring for a few hundred young ministry workers. God's grace to me has been realized in the gifts and experiences He's given, which lead me to take increasing risks as I trust him more and more. Currently, I am trusting him to work through me and bless those that are also willing to answer his call to them.

I am motivated by...

God has given each of us an opportunity to participate in his master plan. He doesn't need us but, like a great Dad, he invites us to work with him on what he's working on. I am excited to be God's kid, trusted by him to participate in what he's doing... redeeming and reconciling the world to Himself.