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Carlos Rebollar

Carlos Rebollar

Houston, Texas Sojourn Montrose FD7598

Church Planting Resident at Sojourn Montrose

The Need East End Houston has a population of 218,122 people. The ethnic demographic make up is: 79% Hispanic, 10.9% Black, 7.8% White, 2% Asian, and 0.3% other with a steady rise in Black, Asian, and White population due to displacement and gentrification. Out of this number, only 28.5% have attained a High School diploma, 20.1% have some kind of college experience, and only 9.5% make it through college to earn a college degree or higher. These startling statistics point to a bigger problem: The deterioration of the family, the absence of the father in the home, and a vicious cycle of drugs, crime, and poverty. At the same time we have urbanites from other parts of the city moving in as well-- most of which are shaped by post-Christian culture. The Answer We are convinced that the only answer, the only balm that could bring healing to our neighborhood is the hope of the gospel of Jesus proclaimed by the people of Jesus who are zealous for the good works commanded by Jesus. Jesus commissioned his people to go make disciples, and when we look at the book of Acts, we see the disciples obeying this command not by making disciples and sending them off to live individualistic lives, but by the planting of churches that make disciples that will then plant more churches that make disciples and reflect the community they live in. We fully believe that church planting is the most effective way to make and grow healthy disciples who are committed to sharing the hope of the gospel and seeking the welfare of their neighborhoods and cities. My Role, My Heart Currently, our neighborhood is experiencing the beginning stages of gentrification. While we grieve at how this affects the low income families here, we do not believe all of gentrification is evil. There is indeed injustice that occurs as a result of gentrification, and we do not at all agree with it. We pray for our city and those in power to be moved by God in such a way that they will begin to care about the poor and those who get displaced because of the evils of gentrification. At the same time, we also believe there is a way for the "gentry" who love Jesus to move into a gentrifying area with gospel-driven motives and be a game-changing factor in caring for those who feel marginalized and bulldozed over. God has broken our hearts for the oppressed and forgotten as well as the affluent and the culture shapers of our neighborhood. In light of this, we desire to plant a church that could be a beacon of hope, peace, and reconciliation; a church where the gospel unites people from radically different backgrounds, upbringings, and stories. We yearn for them to hear the gospel and be exposed to a gospel-driven, missional community of Jesus-followers. This is why I joined the Church Planting Residency with Sojourn Houston. As part of this role, I have become part of the staff at Sojourn Montrose and have been walking closely with our pastoral staff. I've also gone back to Bible College and have been receiving on going hands-on training in leadership, preaching, shepherding, and administration. The goal is that I be properly equipped as a shepherd, church planter, and preacher. My wife and I will then be sent out by Sojourn Montrose to plant in East End. To that end, we began a missional community in February 2017 in our neighborhood that will eventually become Sojourn East End's core team. We are extremely excited and humbled that God has called us to such a weighty and joyous task! Our heart's desire is for God's name to be made great in East End-- that the Lamb of God would receive the full reward for his sufferings. We aren't pursuing a novel idea, we are simple joining the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in the historic work of redemption. If you are interested in hearing more, please feel free to send me an e-mail to Grace and Peace be with you!


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