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John Allison

John Allison

Honolulu, Hawaii Baptist Collegiate Ministries Oahu FD7396

Associate Director, Campus Missionary

There are over 65,000 college college students on the island of O'ahu spread across more than a dozen campuses. One study estimated that about 3% of them have trusted Christ personally. That means if you consider them a single people group, they would be less reached than the Chinese! They also struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, sexual brokenness, family and social pressures, and feelings of hopelessness. Many also come from broken families. For the most part, they are secular, non-religious, and materialistic. While almost everyone has heard of Jesus, very few of them have ever heard the Gospel in a way that is personal and relevant. But there are so many that are hungry for spiritual truth and wholeness! As broken and lost as they are, I believe that this generation can finish the task Jesus left us to take the gospel to those last few corners of the earth and last unreached people groups. There is no time in life, and no generation in history, as mobile and capable as this collegiate generation. This generation is looking for a cause, and I know that Jesus has the greatest cause of all. That’s why I have devoted my life to reaching this generation with the message, hope, and mission of Jesus. I want to see a generation rise up and give everything to follow Him. Our mission at BCM can be summarized this way: "Producing influencers for God's glory." Our desire is not just to reach students with the Gospel, but to see them become people of influence on their campus and in their world. Our strategy can be explained with four words: Reach, Connect, Grow, Unleash. We want to reach students with the love and hope of Jesus, connect them to community of faith, grow them in their faith, and unleash them to impact their world for the glory of God. Our main method to accomplish that goal is discipleship. We want to see students' lives transformed so that they are not only following Jesus whole-heartedly, but teaching others to do the same. We are currently engaging students on six of O'ahu's university campuses.


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