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Having support based staff doesn’t have to be hard.


At Reliant, we partner with you to handle the process of training, coaching, and employing support-based workers. Embracing a support-based model not only ensures sustainability but also fosters growth and expansion for your mission. You bring the vision, and we take care of the how.

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How We Can Help

Empower your mission with less effort through our comprehensive offerings. From hiring to payroll, here's how we elevate your support-based staffing approach:

missionary-assessment-whiteApplication & Assessment Tools

fundraising-training-whiteSupport Raising Training & Coaching

benefits-whiteEmployment, Benefits, & Payroll Services

human-resources-whiteProfessional HR Support

Tech IconTechnology Systems & Services

donor-services-whiteEasy Online Giving & Donor Services

Unlocking the Potential of Support Based Staffing

Discover how Reliant can transform your nonprofit's approach to staffing, freeing you to focus on your mission.

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Reach out today, and let’s get started helping your non profit be more sustainable and scalable for the mission at hand.

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