College Churches

College Churches

College campuses are a center of American life and culture, drawing missionary attention from well known Christian para-church movements such as Campus Crusade for Christ and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. We believe the attention is strategic—our universities are shaping the worldview of tomorrow's leaders.

Reliant's history is based on this campus outreach movement. Yet our founders were "church people"—wanting to reach campuses but doing it via student-focused church plants. Once they realized students would never be able to self-support the ministry, Reliant asked Campus Crusade for help to establish a missionary fundraising training system that could be adapted to our church planting values.

Today nearly 50% of our missionaries still work to reach students in the context of a campus church. We work with our founding partner Collegiate Church Network as well as others to mobilize campus missionaries.

Featured ministry: Collegiate Church Network
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