Missional Church Networks

Missional Church Networks

We believe the United States and Western Christianity finds itself in a transition to post-Christian societies. As a result, many of the traditional Christian denominations in the US have found declining attendance and influence. However, in the face of the new challenge of reaching the US and the world for Christ, much innovation is springing from young "networks" of churches.

Reliant finds ourself as part of this story—the rise of these "post-denominational" networks who are seeking to start new churches or inspire churches in existing structures to focus on the gospel and mission in their local context.

Some of our regular partners have included:

  • Exponential Conference
  • Verge
  • Acts 29 Network
  • Ecclesia Network
  • Missio Alliance
  • V3 Network

Networks vary in their purpose and level of commitment—some are focused on equipping pastors and leaders, others on grouping or coordinating church planting efforts, still others operate more like younger versions of denominations with authority and leadership. Many churches today participate in more than one network or denomination at a time.

One common thread—many passionate leaders of these networks do not have the support structures. Reliant steps in to the cover the gap—serving as a trusted partner for networks who may not have the resources of a traditional denominational back-office or mission agency. With twenty-five years of experience, we are old enough to have built tested systems, but young enough to know the excitement and challenge of this new world of mission.

Featured ministry: Acts 29
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