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Surrounded by earthly paradise, many of the students who live in Hawaii need to hear about our heavenly one. John Allison has committed his life to share the glory and beauty of eternity with those who do not know Christ on the island of Oahu.

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  • I Am Reliant

    BALANCE: Time

    Jordan & Cherise Castille Texas A&M University 6.16.17
    Time is something a lot of us wish we had more of. When your spouse is not in full-time ministry, there can be many expectations to talk through and balance must be found to accommodate for both people’s needs. Cherise, the spouse of campus missionary Jordan Castille, shares their journey to balancing time in ministry and as a new young family.
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  • I Am Reliant

    BALANCE: Community

    Whitney Varnau The Ohio State University, She Has a Name 6.2.17
    There are unique challenges when a spouse is not in full-time ministry, requiring a lot of communication and understanding. Whitney shares how she and Steve have learned the balance of finding a community that fits both of their needs.
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  • Ministry Report

    A Catalyst for Faith

    Kyle Metz Ohio State University 5.24.17
    How God used a “less than ideal” circumstance for one campus missionary to bring a student on the campus of OSU to faith in Him.
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  • I Am Reliant

    A Deeper Look at the King Family

    Cameron King The Hundred Movement 5.19.17
    Cameron was a pretty fly guy in junior high and high school and used his love of people and Jesus to make major impacts for the kingdom. Serving Jesus led him to meet his wife, and together they are providing a safe family for those who need it most.
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  • Leadership for Mission

    Making Disciples Is For the Weak

    Chad Farmer Nagoya, Japan 5.10.17
    Despite our weaknesses all believers in Christ are called to make disciples of the nations. Some might need to move across the world to be brought to a glorious place of weakness, but most probably just need to walk next door, anywhere we find ourselves though the Lord promises to give us His strength.
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  • I Am Reliant

    Representing Christ in an Unexpected Culture

    Carlos Rebollar Sojourn Heights Church 5.5.17
    As Carlos’ love for Christ grew, so did his desire for those in Houston’s East End to know His redeeming grace.
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