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Surrounded by earthly paradise, many of the students who live in Hawaii need to hear about our heavenly one. John Allison has committed his life to share the glory and beauty of eternity with those who do not know Christ on the island of Oahu.

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  • Reliant News

    Meet Barb Seckler

    Jenni Olowo Texas A&M University 12.11.17
    Hear how Barb Seckler has experienced nearly all sides of Reliant throughout the years.
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  • Ministry Report

    Living Sent

    Tanya Franklin 12.4.17
    God is using the giftings and passions of a missionary who knows deep life transformation to reach out to others in an urban community of Chicago in hopes they will experience the same.
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  • I Am Reliant

    The Step Establishment Process

    Russell Dietrich University of Illinois 11.27.17
    How Running From God Semi-Accidentally (but we all know it’s providentially) Turned Into Running Toward God
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  • Leadership for Mission

    Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

    Jason Reedy Christ Bible Institute 10.27.17
    One overseas missionary shares how his trust and dependence on the Lord through the support-raising process prepared him in unexpected ways for the mission field he’s called to.
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  • Ministry Report

    The Most-Welcoming Neighbors

    Hannah & Carson Witte University of Michigan 10.13.17
    God desires to show his love and generosity through His church. Through the faithfulness of missionaries in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a refugee was able to experience a part of God’s heart for him through their campus church.
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  • Leadership for Mission

    Give or Teach a Man to Fish?

    David McCann Virginia Tech 9.6.17
    Jesus calls us to love and care for others no matter the method.
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