Celebrating 30 years with Kathy Zellinger!

Kathy Zellinger has been a dedicated part of our team for 30 years!

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Celebrating 30 years with Kathy Zellinger!

Mike Swann | May 31, 2016, 13:58 PM

Kathy Zellinger has been a dedicated part of our team for 30 years!

A few years ago we asked our missionaries what words came to mind when they thought of Reliant (then GCM). We got a lot of responses that you'd expect: Jesus, missionary, gospel.... But one response we heard over and over again was KZ (Kathy Zellinger), our wonderful, long-time staff liaison, staff mom, friend, and #1 cheerleader.

Kathy was hired full-time back in 1986 after working in the office for a summer conference the year before. She went back for the summer '86 conference, where she was told there was a chance she would be needed after that. I'd say she was (and still is!) needed because this week she is celebrating THIRTY years with us! Some of you might be scratching your heads right now saying, "Wait, I thought GCM wasn't established until 1989??" She's been with us for so long that she actually worked for us before we even got the name Great Commission Ministries! She started working in Maryland for Great Commission International (GCI), which was part of the genesis of GCM. So she has been faithfully serving and caring for ministry workers for 30 years. We are so thankful for her many years of service!

It's hard for us to put to words just how much she means to us, so we thought we'd let our missionaries do the talking.

"You are our ministry's best foot forward. I know personally it is always a joy to interact with you. Whether I'm having a good day or bad day, I come away from our conversations more encouraged, with my eyes refocused on Jesus. In Jesus' economy, the servant will be the greatest. I'm reminded of this often as you serve us in ministry just like Jesus would. Thank you for who you are and the important role that you play in our ministry partnership with Reliant."
"You are one of the reasons I have stayed with Reliant. You are so personal in your interactions — like family, maybe even a sister to me. Thanks for the grace you have given me since 1991."
"You have been a ROCK, the staff "Mom," tireless servant (though it's OK to be tired too!). You have served the saints so faithfully over the years!"
"Wow! 30 years! Where did the time go. Through the roller coaster of life, leaders, and ministry, it has been a true joy to call the office and hear your warm, loving, steady voice. We all mean it when we say, 'KZ is the backbone of GCM/Reliant.'"
"We feel so blessed and loved by you. We could not be more appreciative of you laying down your life for the gospel by serving us on the front lines. We know your job takes a lot of patience and love, and you always do it with such grace and professionalism."
"It is the heart that beams out of all the little things you do. I am honored to bear witness to 15 of those 30 years of service to GCM/Reliant in my own church."

Kathy, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Here's to many more years with Reliant!
-Mike Swann & the entire Reliant team

Mike Swann

Mike Swann
Missionary Resources Director

Orlando, Florida Reliant Mission FD8300
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