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Introducing Post

Reliant missionaries share Kingdom stories from their ministry locations worldwide.

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Introducing Post

Jenni Olowo | Oct 17, 2016, 08:45 AM

This is a letter from the editor of Post, the all-new Reliant magazine

Reliant missionaries share Kingdom stories from their ministry locations worldwide.

Every one of us is part of an epic story. It’s a classic tale battling for the hearts and souls of humankind. The difference in this story is that we know the hero has already defeated the enemy. At Reliant we desire for every person to know the hope they can have for all eternity if they surrender their lives to our hero, Jesus Christ.

Tragedy struck recently near the campus where I serve as a missionary. A young college student was run over by a truck as she rode her bike near her home and died instantly. All hope was not lost, for our church knew that she would be with Jesus for eternity. During the spring semester, a Reliant missionary, along with a student leader, had met her on campus and shared the gospel with her. She realized she didn’t know where she would go when she died, and when she heard about the eternal life she could have in Jesus, she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior that day. No one could know her life would end far too early, but she is secure in the arms of Jesus.

Reliant missionaries play vastly different parts in seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ spread worldwide. Whether their role is discipling college women while also raising small children at home, modeling a healthy family for those who never had one, serving overseas where few followers of Jesus are present, or utilizing English as a tool for the gospel, they are making an impact for the Kingdom of God. All of our Reliant missionaries have unique and significant stories to tell. We are excited to share more of those stories with you.

Your partnership is making a difference. In this first edition of Post, you will read stories of lives changed through the ministry of Reliant missionaries. I know you likely will not be able to personally meet all of the people whose lives are being touched by the missionaries you partner with, but one day as you stand before the throne of heaven, I pray you are surrounded by countless people who had the chance to know Jesus because of your generosity.

Behind every missionary is a team of faithful donors, who each have a story. We would love to hear yours! Email to tell us how you have personally seen change through the life of a Reliant missionary.

If you are not currently a donor or missionary but would like to receive a copy of Post, let us know and we will send you a copy.

Jenni Olowo

Jenni Olowo
Campus Missionary & Reliant Field Editor

College Station, Texas Bryan-College Station FD9232
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